Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Food Loving, Gluten Free, Christmas Gift Guide!

It's the time of year again where the nation gathers gifts for their nearest and dearest! The blogpshere is full of gift inspiration for this impending Christmas season and I love reading everyone's top picks. So I decided to put together my own for those of you on the hunt for an idea for a gluten free friend or a food loving fan! 

So here's my round up, all coming in under £25!

Montezuma's Chocolate Tree Baubles - £7.99
"No self respecting tree should be seen without a good number of chocolate baubles" says Helen Pattinson, Co-Founder of the mighty Montezuma's. Here here. This pack of 6 is made up of three of their award winning house blended organic chocolate. Don't expect them to last until Christmas Day...

Is this not the ultimate culinary salute to any Great British Bake Off fan?! Or for anyone who has a passion for baking and creating in the kitchen! I love that you can choose between Solid Oak, Solid Beech or Beech Ply to make them the perfect cooking tool for your loved one.
Now this is a gift I'm such a fan of, that having bought one for a friend, I went ahead and bought two being for myself (that's how Christmas shopping works right?!) 
Chroma Stationary is an independent company offering a notebook personalisation service embossing anything you like on the notebook: a name, phrase or logo etc. What I love is that the 20 colours available are each named after an important person or figure in Chroma's life. So the subtle pastel lilac shade I chose, Doris, is named after Chroma's Nanny! I think the gold embossing of my blog name: 'FODMAP free' makes it personalised perfection. These notebooks are chic and stylish, great for any list maker or recipe scribbler! 

Chances are if you're on a restricted diet, the majority of time you'll be carrying a packed lunch to avoid going hungry or nibbling on something untoward! This incredibly slimlined container promises to "hug and maintain the shape of whatever is inside, so your beloved baguette will remain absolutely immaculate until you're ready to devour it." It's well know gluten free sandwichs are partial to crumbling and falling apart, so this promising to keep it safe and secure makes this even more of a desirable gift! As a bulky lunchbox solution, this is on the top of my wishlist list!

Booja Booja Chocolate - £13.50
REALLY NICE CHOCOLATE that is organic, dairy, soya and gluten free AND easy to get your hands on. Need I say anymore?

Polka Dot Monogrammed Mug - £9.20
Another item which I have myself and love! In the winter season, hot drinks are the ultimate comfort so a mug is always appreciated! For any lover of tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine (!) this is an adorable mug and comes in a pink presentation box, so it even has the presentation covered!

Chuckling Goat, Pro-Biotic Skin Food for Troubled Skin - £25.00
Brilliant packaging, cute name and recognition you cannot ignore! Chuckling Goat's Pro-Biotic Skin Food scooped a Bronze Award in this years FreeFrom Skincare Awards and the brand is also stocked by Fortnum & Mason - fancy! Chuckling Goat is an natural brand, using only sustainable ingredients; no dyes, no perfumes, no parabens, no petrochemicals, no pthalates. This lotion is a great gift for any lover of skincare free of the nasties, but it gets its hero product status due to the healing qualities of the combination of goatsmilk, kefir, thyme and tea tree essential oils. How can we resist?! For me, knowing it's made on a small family holding in Southwest Wales from the owners cherished pedigreed goats is the icing on the (Christmas) cake! 

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter - £9.79
This book was recommended to me by a friend and despite being only half way through I can't put it down. Neurologist Dr. David Perlmuttet explores what our bodies require for optimal health, but in an easy-to-understand and somewhat gripping format. My summary of the book so far would be: 1) gluten will melt your brain and 2) carbs will kill you (I may be over-exaggerating slightly!) But as someone who can't eat gluten whether I like to or not, it's an interesting insight into why someone you CAN eat gluten, wouldn't, when given the choice. 

Ya know what's naturally gluten free? Rice. Ya know what this gift makes fun? RICE! I mean frankly who wouldn't want to launch a barrage of sushi missiles whilst whipping up a tasty meal? This is a great gift for anyone who loves to have fun with food, or any parents who are wanting to keep meal times exciting for their gluten-free kids.

Personalised Full of Love Large Round Chopping Board - £14.99
This is one for the practical person in your life, but with a personalised twist! This wooden chopping board allows you to add the name of your choice and follows it up with "kitchen is full of love" and then another 2 lines for you to add a message of your choice! A special but sensible present that will definitely come in handy when preparing the mighty Christmas lunch! 

I'm rounding up my gift list picks with this great stocking filler from 'Keep Me Gluten Free!' Firstly, Rosy the rabbit, what a cutie. Secondly, simply whack them on your kids snacks/ lunchboxes/ foreheads, to clearly label their intolerance but in a friendly, fun way. 

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Anila's Authentic Sauces

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll be familiar with Anila's Authentic Sauces. I've been banging on about these pots of deliciousness since 2012, but have yet to dedicate a whole post to them. So as I come to the bottom of yet another jar of my favorite sauce in their range, it seemed only right to share the love.

One of the aspects that those on the low FODMAP diet seem to struggle with the most is omitting onion and garlic from their cooking. This leads to shopping for premade sauces to be a complete nightmare. Pretty much every premade sauce on the market will have somewhere down the ingredient list: onion, garlic purée or garlic. GREAT.

This is where Anila's Authentic Sauces swoop in to save the day. They are made without any onion or garlic! But not only that, they are also without preservatives or additives and are free from sugar, dairy, gluten. But most importantly, t
hey're damn tasty. And you don't just need to take my word for it, Anila's Sauces have been award winning since 2005 and, at the time of writing, have won 12 Great Taste Awards.

They currently offer 9 curry sauces (I am never without their Spicy Korma Curry Sauce), 5 chutneys, 8 pickles and the mighty Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce. As a student this was my kitchen staple; as all students know that sweet chilli sauce is the cheat's secret to turning any dinner into a taste sensation. However my personal favorite sweet chilli use is the most simple of pleasures, the humble cheese sandwich. Spread some of that sweet chilli on bread, add some cheese, perhaps some ham and greenery and you've got yourself the best damn cheese sandwich that will ever grace your lips. If you're really feeling wild, turned it into a grilled chilli cheese sandwich (it's the simple things...).

So why are these sauces without onion and garlic? This is due to the belief that these heat-producing foods can excite the passions and lead the mind away from a constant awareness of spirituality. Using neither garlic or onion in cooking increases clarity and focus in meditation. I was so intrigued by the brand, I contacted Anila's Sauces asking them a few questions which they were kind enough to answer. It is at this point I would like to state this is NOT a sponsored post. Every Anila's Sauces product I've tried I've bought with my own hard earned cash. In fact, Anila's Sauces have no idea this post is even coming. My enthusiasm is purely based on my delight in finding such an array of delicious sauces in my local shop!

Q: What benefits do you gain from omitting onion and garlic from your diet? 
Anila's answer: Pure, clean taste.

Q: What are your top tips for creating robust flavours similar to onion and garlic? 
Anila's answer: In parts of India Asafoetida is used to give a similar taste.  We use fennel.
FODMAP free interruption: to read my post about asafoetida, click HERE. *shameless plug*

Q: What three words best describe what your brand means to you? 
Anila's answer: Authentic, Quality, Fresh Taste

Q: Do you have a philosophy? 
Anila's answer: I enjoy putting in good into the work I do, the greater the happiness I receive.  To keep working with love. Keep doing everything with love.

Q: What has been the highlight for Anila's Authentic Sauces so far? 
Anila's answer: Our success in winning awards.

Q: What made you decide to start hosting Cookery classes? 
Anila's answer: The number of vegetarians who would like to learn vegetarian Indian cooking.

Q: What are your top 3 Anila's Authentic Sauces products? 

Anila's sauces are available to buy online and are stocked in over 500 shops in the UK. You can see their full list here. I'm lucky that they are stocked in both my local Budgens and garden centre and often see their stall at the local Farmer's Market. So keep your eyes peeled if those are places you too like to frequent! 

After this little Twitter exchange Anila's sauces have been added to the Suitable Sauces section in the FODMAP Product Booklet by Kings College London. So round up, round up FODMAPers; your premade sauce buying stresses are now a thing of the past. 

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Monday, 17 March 2014

You know there's an app for that? Monash FODMAP app.

My iphone can do everything better than me. How? Because there's an app for that. This phrase has established itself in my life just as much as "Google will know" when asked a question about...well, anything.

You can download to your handheld magic machine a programme (app) who's purpose is simply to solve your problem. Initially I thought the range was games, games and er.. games. Not the case. Can't sleep? Sleep Cycle app. Weather? Met Office app. Whether whiskey is FODMAP friendly? FODMAP app!!

This whiskey predicament I was finding increasingly troubling. Bottle in hand, ready to splash a generous amount into my cooking (boozehound) I paused .."whiskey is made from a grain...". DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUH. Having established that Jack Daniels whiskey is gluten free due to the distilling process riding it of gluten, I began to question whiskey's FODMAP properties.

This was where my new favourite app swooped in to save the day. Monash University (brains behind the FODMAP diet) have released an iphone and now android app, which "provides accurate information about foods that trigger IBS reactions and will significantly help sufferers to manage their symptoms".

The best bit about the app in my opinion? The search function for foods. Foods are listed and rated using a traffic light system. Red light - no no. Green light - chomp away.

Life pre-app involved me carrying around a double sided list of foods which I had copied out of the book I was given by my deitcian (and laminated so it would survive the depths of my bag). Now if shopping or out and need to double check something, I just whip out my iphone and have my answer in roughly a minute. Oh I love modern technology.

The Monash app has been great for increasing my understanding of the FODMAP diet, it provides recipes, allows you to filter your 'sensitivities', has a '1 week challenge' plan so you can monitor what you eat versus your just keeps giving. So following recommending it to people several times on Twitter, the time has come to dedicate a post to it!

Priced at £6.99 (so cheaper than most cook books) I think it's a bargain. Monash also states that any proceeds from the sale of the app goes towards funding more FODMAP research. 

Click here to view it on the apple app store. Click here to read more about it from the Monash people themselves. And click here to watch a YouTube clip about the app (those Monash people have really got it covered!)

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

VIP (Very Important Pie): Pecan Brownie Pie

Pecan brownie pie

Thanksgiving is approaching. Now, having lived in England my whole life, Thanksgiving has never really registered on my radar.  I've seen the 'Friends' episodes and that's pretty much where my involvement in the holiday begins and ends - cultured I know. But this year that is all about to change! I've been invited to a Thanksgiving party! Now I love a party, and when it's in association with a national holiday dedicated to food, I'm all in.

So wanting something impressive but themed, I took to my favorite blog to save the day, and boy did it do me proud.

Domestic Sluttery is one of my favorite reads. Not as naughty as it sounds, but just as fun, the site offers fashion, fun and FOOD. One swift search for 'pecan' later and I was led to their Pecan Brownie Pie. Er, HELLO. By the time I'd read down too... "It's fudgy rather than cakey so it's very forgiving of substituting gluten free flour." ...SOLD. 

So not being able to wait till Thanksgiving, I made it the following evening. For er, 'testing' purposes. So whilst I was pretty sure it would be nothing short of delicious, I can officially testify to it being gooey and sweet, with the pecans providing that crunch...oh my. Served with vanilla ice cream or double cream, this pie won't fail to impress.  

Serves: 8 (dependent on slice size!)
Prep & cook time: 1 hour
Pre-heat oven: 180 degrees/ gas mark 4


For the pecan pie layer:

  • 300g pecans (this seems like A LOT when you weigh it out, but it's all needed so stick with it)
  • 55g butter
  • 110g of brown sugar
  • 110ml maple syrup 
  • shot of whiskey
  • 1 egg

For the brownie layer:

  • 55g dark chocolate
  • 110g butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 100g gluten-free self raising flour (I used Doves Farm)
  • 120g brown sugar
  1. Line a 8 inch springform tin
  2. Put all your pecans in a separate oven proof dish and cover in half the maple syrup. Toast them in the oven for 7 minutes.
  3. Once gloriously toasted, jig those pecans about and pour on some baking paper to cool. You want to do this step - immediately. The molten maple syrup has a tendency to stick those pecans to your dish and you will be there attempting to carve them off the bottom for the next 20 minutes if you allow to cool in the pan...ain't no body got time for that.
  4. Place half to two thirds of the toasted pecans evenly in the bottom of the lined cake tin. You want to keep aside enough toasted pecans for your decoration of choice (I held back about half).
  5. Turn the oven down to 160 degrees/ gas mark 3.
  6. To complete the pecan pie layer, in a saucepan melt the butter (55g) , remaining maple syrup, sugar (110g) and whiskey together at a low heat.
  7. When consistent, remove from heat to cool.
  8. When cooled, beat in the egg and pour the complete mixture over the waiting pecans in the cake tin.
  9. Put in the oven for 15 minutes until slightly set.
  10. Whilst this is cooking, it's brownie time! Melt the butter (110g) and chocolate (55g) together in a pan.
  11. Allow to cool, then add in the remaining brownie ingredients.
  12. Mix it up!
  13. Pour the brownie mixture over your set pecan layer.
  14. Cook for a further 30 minutes!
  15. Remove, allow to cool a little and then ...FLIP IT. Yes this bit filled me with fear a little too, but your pecan layer needs to sit on top. So flip, release the spring tin then step back in awe at the glorious gooey goodness before you! 
  16. Decorate with remaining toasted pecans.

pecan brownie pie 4

Check out my cooking in action on my Instagram

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Twitter Chat: #RDUK & #FODMAPS

I have a plethora of social media accounts. I tweet, I Facebook, I 'connect' on LinkedIn. I blog, I log, I carry around people's wardrobes in my pocket...Fitocracy, What I Wore Today and I'm considering becoming a Platter-er, oh how I love it all.

So when I got 'invited' to a Twitter chat about FODMAPs I was immediately on board. 

I imagined this to be technology's take on networking events! But instead of toddling your way to a London bar and mingling with names badges all the evening, you sat down to your computer at 8pm, wrapped up in your dressing gown with a bevvie in hand!! ...Or where ever your evening slob attire and snack routine takes you!

So what is it?

Well the website explains it all, but I've copied it below so you can see:

How does #RDUK work?
#RDUK is a monthly moderated Twitter conversation related to the latest headlines, new studies or controversial topics, in collaboration with the British Dietetic Association. Anyone with a twitter account can participate!

First Monday of each month at 8-9pm UK time. Each month we cover a different topic
Search Twitter for #RDUK for news and views, or come back to this page for updates.

The chat happens live on Twitter and you can join in or just watch at any time during the hour. Simply tag your tweets with #RDUK.

Sasha Watkins RD (@TheFoodCoachRD)
Azmina Govindji RD (@AzminaNutrition)
Emma Carder RD (@EmmaCarderRD) 

So the chat titled: Can FODMAP diet help IBS? Had a 5 question structure:

  • Q1: FODMAP's are receiving a lot of media attention in the UK. What should we be advising people who enquire about trying a low FODMAP diet?
  • Q2: Eating out or takeaway meals can prove tricky on the low FODMAP diet. How can we raise awareness with chefs, restaurants, cafes etc?
  • Q3: Many people miss their onions and garlic on the low FODMAP diet. Any top tips for  FODMAP friendly ways to flavour meals instead?
  • Q4: Reintroducing  FODMAP's after the initial trial is a key stage in the process. Why is this important? Any experiences to share?
  • Q5: It can be hard to remember all the FODMAP foods while shopping. Any top tips or personal experiences to share?

The moderators would tweet out the question (each question had 10 minutes) and if you had a response you would start your tweet A1, A2 and so on, and let your opinions flow!

By tagging each tweet #RDUK (and Emma Carder tweeted on the night to use #FODMAP too) you could follow the 'stream' of conversation. 

The main people answering seemed to be Dieticians. But there were quite a few patients out there who tweeted out, that whilst they wouldn't be tweeting, they would be 'listening in' to learn more. 

What I loved was how some patients piped up that they were very interested to read what was going on but had their: "15 year old daughter by my side to explain the Twitter bit"
So clearly there is some way to go in explaining the use of such Twitter conversations so they are easier to understand and accessible to all.

We were told the archive of the chat will be posted on Sasha Watkins RD BSc website in a couple of days. This is a fab idea in my opinion and I'm really looking forward to reading it! It will be interesting to read back to see if I missed any tweets, and delve more into the links that people posted offering advice.

But below is my summary, and what I personally gained and learnt from the chat. 

Q1:  FODMAP 's are receiving a lot of media attention in the UK. What should we be advising people who enquire about trying a low  FODMAP  diet?

FODMAPfree A1: Receive professional guidance, support& help so you understand, can cook happily + don't get caught out eg stock cubes!


This is will mean your diet is not too restrictive and you will be able to work with the diet, as you properly understand it. The diet is individualised to each patient taking into consideration usual dietary intake and symptom profile. Careful implementation is needed to ensure the diet is effective and nutritionally adequate.  Sasha Watkins RD (@TheFoodCoachRD) tweeted out the King's College London link which is well worth a read.

Q2: Eating out or takeaway meals can prove tricky on the low FODMAP diet. How can we raise awareness with chefs, restaurants, cafes etc?

FODMAPfree A2: Checking menus before you go, explaining clearly & asking politely provides an amazing response.

You can't just expect to turn up to a restaurant and send them into a frenzy whirlwind as they try to clobber something to suit your diet whilst trying to give you an equally enjoyable customer experience. 

Food takes preparation, so give restaurants time. Simply be organised! Check the menu online before you go, ring the restaurant, let them know what you would like to order *insert yummy food dish here*,  and ask is there any way it could be tailored to meet your dietary requirements! I've found this to provide an amazing response. After all, restaurants business survive on providing for their customers, so spread the FODMAP word! 

Emma Carder RD (@EmmaCarderRD)  made an important point however: 
"Not always possible to avoid FODMAP's completely when eating out, won’t do u any harm but their effects may b felt after the meal"

SO TRUE. If you're tempting to 'cheat', expect a food hangover.

Q3: Many people miss their onions and garlic on the low FODMAP diet. Any top tips for  FODMAP  friendly ways to flavour meals instead?

FODMAPfree A3: I blogged about my fav alternatives. 'Life beyond onion & garlic'' Asafoetida :)

Asafoetida came out top here. But also popular were: fresh herbs; garlic, basil & chilli infused oils; the green part of spring onions and making batches of stock to freeze and use as needed.

Q4: Reintroducing  FODMAP's after the initial trial is a key stage in the process. Why is this important? Any experiences to share?

Now I kept quiet on this one as I am not a trained Dietician but just a patient! So I wanted to let the professional advice get seen and not let my anecdotal tales get in the way!

What this question highlighted was the importance of the guidance and monitoring of your Dietician

As was wisely advised:
  • Emma Carder (@EmmaCarderRD): Everyone’s gut is different & reintroductions will vary person by person! 
  • Azmina (@AzminaNutrition): Fear of eating needs to be addressed. Re-introduce foods when calm, not stressed out! 
  • Kate Scarlata (@KateScarlata_RD): Go slow with re-introduction to isolate foods that are particularly problematic. This varies from person to person.

Q5: It can be hard to remember all the  FODMAP  foods while shopping. Any top tips or personal experiences to share?

FODMAPfree A5: I typed a chart up, laminated it & it lived in my hand bag & came shopping with me! Would also make a weekly menu!

I got a re-tweet (RT) for that answer! *gold star for me*

On one side of a piece of paper I put all the foods in red that I needed to avoid, and then in green on the other side, all the foods I could eat!

And voila! A little aide-mémoire for when I'm out and about to make sure I don't slip up!

And that was it! Everyone politely thanked one another and wished each other goodnight! It was a really informative exercise and great to connect with other patients and Dieticians. I hope it will help raise awareness of the diet, and place it prominently on Dieticians' and Gastroenterologists' agenda.



p.s. What do you think of Twitter conversations? Are they the way to an informative future or  a technological fad? 

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Monday, 16 April 2012

The low FODMAP cookbook!

Hey all! Long time no post, apologies for the hiatus all. Illness decided to strike my household and it was like man flu BUT WORSE. 

But now I'm back, and I'm back WITH A BOOK!

Not my own sadly but little Ms Natalie Nott's!
(But oh hiii publishers! I'm keen if you are!)

This is the holy grail for all on a restrictive diet: a recipe book tailored to your requirements! And this one really ticks all the boxes. 

Fantastically laid out, big pictures and easy to follow YUMMY recipes! 
And it's thorough too. All the recipes are reviewed by the Dietitian Dr. Jane Muir of the Eastern Health Clinical School at Monash University. 

Now you experienced low FODMAP-ers may be thinking: 
"...Isn't that the University that developed the low FODMAP diet?" 

Sure is clever clogs!!! 
You don't really get a better stamp of approval than that for a low FODMAP cookbook now do you?

The only downside to the book in my opinion is that it's Australian. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Australians. After all they are the Kings of the BBQ, the home to cute kangaroos and remain the travel destination of choice for my adventurousness Uni pals... 

 Two snaps from where one of my best pals is RIGHT NOW: 
Margaret River, Western Australia. 
Photographs used with the permission of Chloe Evans.

But cookbook wise there are some ingredients us Brits don't have immediately to hand. But this really is a minor niggle, and the ingredients or alternatives can easily be sourced. But this does also mean the book comes with a hefty postage price tag ($35.75 AUD when I ordered mine).

However in my opinion it's worth it. I've become quite the dab hand at automatically adjusting recipes to fit my low FODMAP diet. But sometime's its quite nice to not have to put so much brain power into cooking and just follow along. But if the price tag is off putting (£46.39 GBP total), but you're still interested, Natalie Nott has a fantastic website, which you can 'subscribe' to and receive free updates which hold recipes! What a lovely lady.

So step aside Jamie, Nigella and Delia, there's a new kid in town!




p.s. Have you bought the book? What's your favourite recipe? Take a peak at page.50 for the meatloaf. My new favourite dinner for sure!
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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Secret Genius Mission

I've been really rather under the weather recently. And there is literally nothing that frustrates me more. So like every good technology reared youth, when I finally have to admit defeat and succumb to the sofa, my good friend Internet comes with me. 

So there I was, having a casual stroll on the net when I noticed Genius Gluten Free had a released a mission. But not just any mission, a SECRET mission. Always one to think I would make an excellent Spook, CSI agent, general kick-ass kinda gal, I delved in.

"Pssst! Fancy being one of the first to try and review some secret new Genius products?"

Err yes!

Would this not be the ultimate 'pick you up from feeling poorly present' ...Free food?! 

And tasty food at that! I've been a big fan of Genius products for some time now and eat them pretty much daily. I love the image, that the product stems from a mother's desire for her children not to miss out and that their products are available in the majority of big name stores.

Plus I needed an activity. My body may have been saying "no" but my brain was saying "BORED" and shriveling by the second. And Genius had laid it out so nice and simple. 

  1. Write a short product review
  2. Take a photo of you enjoying the product
  3. E-mail review and product. 

Well you don't get nothing if you don't try eh!? So (admittedly after a nap) I smiled sweetly at my Dad to round up all our Genius Gluten Free bread and set about my entry for the competition....and voila!

And really, what says I love your product more than a jammy heart lovingly spread on a seeded slice of bread?! 

Apparently nothing.

'Cos by damn folks, they only went and picked me to join their troop of Genius Secret Mission participants! I never get picked for anything!! Now maybe I was the only one that entered, maybe they felt sorry for my little makeup smeared 'I'm not feeling poorly, I'm feeling HAPPY' face, who knows. Either way, I am one happy chappy!!

The lovely people at Genius have told me I will receive my secret Genius product by the end of the week. I presume it will arrive under the cover of darkness, a secret hand signal, lots of nodding and knowing looks will take place (told you I was a fan of the secret agent shows...)

In the meantime, check out my entry on the Genius Gluten Free Facebook page

Or for your convenience, here is what I had to say about Genius Gluten Free bread...

Genius started with the simple desire to bring back the small but mighty egg and toast soldiers. And now the perils of food intolerance have been removed for the masses. Genius you are so good to us! Convenience is back as this bread comes sliced in white, brown or seeded. So whether you're feeling simple, healthy or nutty; the satisfaction of jammy toast, a BLT or a more indulgent bread and butter pudding, is all at your fingertips. 

The pitfall of most gluten free bread is the stability of said bread on the journey from packet to mouth. It's risky business. And one that can end in heartbreak if that tantalising toast, sandwich or pud can't make the distance. But Genius have taken Lucinda's humble homemade loaf to mass bakery production, and in my opinion have done it better than all the rest. It holds! It's triumphant! And oh boy is it tasty. Its uniform crumbly texture with a certain sponginess is the perfect backdrop for your staple needs. 

So what is my favourite Genius bread backed snack? Well I'm a student so for me a fry up is a necessity. A daily right. A greasy power meal that can recharge even the most tired souls. And Genius allows me to make THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!! 

This nommy mega meal allows me to fulfill my uttermost greasy desires, with a little bit of a twist. And that's why I love Genius, they give you the stepping stone to, well, get on with it! To get creative, get eating and get enjoying! 

So thank you Genius and thank you for your bread.


FODMAP free x

p.s. Disclaimer: No harm came to FODMAP free in the taking of these photos...although a loaf avalanche was an evident possibility...

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